Marine Fisheries Academy
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On completion of three years training in the academy qualified cadets are awarded with BSc(pass) degree from National University and they officially complete their training through a colourful ceremony is called "Passing out Parade" which is normally held with the presence of Minister of Fisheries & Livestock. This is the most vibrant event in the Academy campus and for which the cadets keep on waiting. During the passing out parade all the cadets of the academy carry out march-past like the cadets of the Armed Forces Training Academy and show the mark of respect to the Chief Guest, Distinguished Guests, Parents etc. Cadets take oath to serve at sea with appropriate sincere effort. So, with an internationally accepted Pre-sea training certificate and a graduation from the National University the vast ocean and sea-door becomes open to them.


After liberation war of Bangladesh it was seen that it lacked skilled manpower for judicious exploitation and harvesting of marine fisheries resources. Thus the call for a national institution to train and educate personnel for Bangladesh maritime fisheries industries which began in 1972. The year was also the beginning of a rapid technological change in the deep sea fishing, with the introduction of large and sophisticated deep sea fishing vessels. Government realized that without skilled manpower i.e. qualified officers, growth of an efficient fishing fleet would be impossible. With that end in view on 1st September, 1973 Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh established Marine Fisheries Academy on a beautiful landscape on the southern bank of the river Karnaphuly, opposite to Sadarghat, Chittagong. Its geographical position is 22° 19.0' N latitude, 91° 49.8' E longitude and the campus is about 1 km from the city center. Since its inception Academy is shouldering the responsibilities of exploring and pooling the seafaring talents of the country and training them in well planned and well organized manner as Navigator, Engineer and Fish Processing Technologist.

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The Principal of the Marine Fisheries Academy is vested upon the responsibilities for supervising the activities regarding conduct, discipline, education, and training of the cadets and proper function
Successful cadets can be found working in diverse positions as Engineer onboard a Fishing vessel. Besides finding employment onboard ship, Marine Engineers are also found in different positions on shore-y.