Marine Fisheries Academy
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  • Remains smart, alert and lively at all times
  • Considers his personal cleanliness and the cleanliness of the Academy as his personal responsibility
  • Obeys all orders smartly and cheerfully
  • Does not shrink from any responsibility or duty given to him; in fact he volunteers to take responsibility.
  • Places duty before any other consideration
  • Speaks the liuth regardless of consequences
  • Be Honest
  • Behaves as a gentleman
  • Ready to do good at all times
  • Learns to admire more than condemn
  • Remains fair and just to all irrespective of their religion or place of residence
  • Broadminded and free from parochial feelings
  • Does all his works by his own hands thus demonsliating dignity of labour in action.
  • Does not protect wrong-doers
  • Does not conceal facts or evidence
  • Upholds the good name of the Academy at all times
  • Devotes whole-heartedly to his studies
  • Takes an all round interest in all Academic activities
  • Develops an attitude of: Friendliness to all: Service before self; Give rather than take; oblige rather than be obliged
  • Wins respect by merit alone (Merit mean ~ all round ability and good character)
  • Remains cheerful and submissive under all circumstances
  • Feels honour bound to report any breaches of Code of Conduct to his Cadet Captain, Deputy Cadet Captain or the Officer of the Day without fear or favour.